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JUNE 26-28, 2020 | El Paso TX

RISE: The Cycling Talent Identification Combine and Symposium

With the inaugural event in June 2020, RISE has developed an innovative approach to identifying, developing and nurturing cycling talent in athletes of all ages and from all athletic disciplines.

Our overarching goal is to help these athletes become cyclists for life, and to help them achieve their personal cycling goals through the development of life skills, creation of a collaborative network of cycling experts, and improve athletic performance on the bike.

A parent’s perspective

We’ve always supported our daughter’s cycling journey, even when her friends were turning to other sports that seemed more favorable for college scholarships. It’s great to see there is an opportunity in college sports for athletes that choose their own path into collegiate athletics through cycling.


Collegiate cycling – A gateway to the top

Collegiate cycling – A gateway to the top

It’s that time of year again when collegiate road racers pile into a beat down 15 passenger university van and make the annual pilgrimage to collegiate road nationals. Equipment is often cobbled...

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A high school athlete’s perspective

I’m looking forward to attending RISE because I am curious how I stack up against others in my age group then taking that information and applying it to my training.