Logo Inspiration

Learn how the RISE logo ties into our vision


The black and sun color story is inspired by road lines, the quest for the top of the podium, and torch bearing passion. with the golden-yellow spark conveying the color of the road lines – or in this case – the path to follow.   The ascending dash over the letter “i” is also putting the individual in focus at RISE and also signifies the burning passion of our brand.


The bold font type is a direct correlation to this the event and the driven attendees and speakers are bold of spirit, modern and confident.


RISE is about leaning into the opportunity. The angle also gives a nod to how cyclists lean forward to improve their speed and efficiency, but also for the participants who are ‘leaning into’ new opportunities.  The looks fast standing still depicts innovation, elevation and forward momentum.

Letter E

Looking closely at the letter E in the word RISE, the letter ‘E’ has an equal sign within it.  At RISE, we pride ourselves in providing an equal, balanced approach to the mind + body connection. Elevating the athletic performance journey and life.

RISE is being rescheduled to June 2021 – Stay tuned for details