Presenter Profile

Per Lundstam

Red Bull Director of Athlete Development

Years of convention and following those that came before establishes a well-trodden path. The path of the masses brings comfort, it brings safety and security and with it the learning of those that have come before. But what if there is a better way? What if there is way to unlearn and challenge convention, a way forward that breaks down the walls that the mind puts around itself?

This idea itself isn’t new, but what does it mean for athletes? This is an idea that Red Bull is challenging head on, and leading that charge is Per Lundstam. Per has been leading a team of physiologists, psychologists, nutritionists and coaches at Red Bull as the Director of Athlete Development for the past ten years. The team was assembled by Red Bull to try and help their athletes perform better and for longer in their careers.

Over the past ten years Per and his team have begun to rewrite the script about how to approach human performance. “We’re trying to get our athletes to look outside what is normal for the culture around their sport,” notes Lundstam. “We bring together athletes from different disciplines and push them to challenge and learn from each other.” In the process Red bull athletes develop an ability to adapt and reset their boundaries coming out of the camps. They’re better able to handle pressure and the challenges associated with performance. 

At RISE athletes will get to hear Per talk about Red Bull’s approach to human performance. They’ll get an insight on how Per and his Red Bull team challenge their athletes. How they push them to break the mental constraints that limit their performance and how to continue to grow without limits. “The human bodies ability to physically adapt is nearly limitless. Limitation comes from the mental side of how athletes view themselves in that space,” says Lundstam.

The passion and insight that Per speaks with is matched only by his knowledge of athlete development. Join us at RISE to hear Per speak and to gain a new insight on how he and his team try and break down mental constraints to push human performance.