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Perry Gladstone

Are you all in?

It’s GO time here at RISE headquarters as the team continues to plan, prepare and count down until the big event.   We recently spoke with our RISE keynote presenter, Perry Gladstone, and asked him to share some of the concepts and skillsets our RISE riders and coaches need in order to elevate their journey in the world of competitive cycling and beyond.

Before we begin sharing his philosophy and insights, let’s get to know this energetic, passionate, highly acclaimed coach.

Meet Perry Gladstone – Perry has been consulting, growing careers and building brands for more than 25 years. Actively pursuing adventures in business since grade school – from skateboarding and snowboarding to film, television and advertising, his unconventional approach to life has afforded him a vast landscape to draw inspiration from. Perry’s ability to create opportunity and success for people and companies he founded eventually led him to define a powerful coaching philosophy and program that he now shares with highly successful leaders around the world.  When not surfing, flying or coaching you can find him on the beach thinking about what makes good things better.  And we think that’s a great place to start as we dive into the topic of cycling and all that it embodies —  What Makes Good Things Better?

Speaking to us from his home in Costa Rica, Perry said that he is excited about sharing his insights with our RISE riders and coaches.  So, what will Perry be speaking about at RISE 2020?

First and foremost, he will be sharing his personal philosophy and the importance of finding what drives and moves you. “Each of us has a unique Superpower, a way of going through the world and responding to the Call to Action. Understanding and honing this ability is what makes us best in class.”, says Perry.

Are you ready to dig in and find out what YOUR Superpower is?
And what happens after you find out what it is, then what?

Perry shared his roadmap – which he will expand on at RISE.

  1. Find Inspiration
  2. Be Impressive 
  3. Define your Superpower
  4. Answer the Call 

Imagine having a world-class advisor right at your fingertips to ask him the big, tricky questions that could lead to a breakthrough.  Get ready for an inspiring and action-packed weekend that will inspire you to be your best. At RISE we are passionate about connecting athletes (and their supporters) to the people and programs that will help them get the most out of the collegiate experience.